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Multiple File Upload Made Easy!

Uploading one file to a server is beyond easy with the help of ASP.NET, but when you add more than one file to the mix, things start getting tricky. I ran into multi-upload related issues on a recent in-company project at RMC, and rather than using a plugin, I decided to see if I could come up with something quick-and-dirty with minimal effort.

My project involved migrating a single upload to multiple uploads, so the my first step was to update my server code. Using an HttpFileCollection to retrieve files from a request will work when there is a single .NET file uploader or multiple HTML file input boxes. Here’s how you do it:

HttpFileCollection files = Request.Files;

It’s that easy. The next step is to loop through the uploaded files and save them. You can put the following in a submit button event handler:

HttpFileCollection files = Request.Files;
for(int i = 0; i < files.Count; i++)

The server-sided piece is done. Next comes the client side. For that, we will use jQuery. I realize the way I have gone about doing this isn’t the best jQuery-wise, but it is simple and it works. We will have two helper methods: one to add a file upload box and one to remove it. When we add a file upload box, we just append the relevant HTML to a parent element. When we remove a file element box, we remove the p element from its parent div. Simple enough, right?

    function AddBox(parent){
        // Add HTML for another file upload box to the DOM
        parent.append('<p>input type="file" runat="server" /><a onclick="RemoveBox(this);" href="#">Remove</a></p>');
    function RemoveBox(aContext) {
        // Get jQuery instance of "this" from the link, get its parent element
        // and remove that parent from the DOM.

Note the ‘runat=”server”‘ in AddBox. When I tested this, the files did not show up on the server without the ‘runat=”server”‘ in the input box.

All that is left now is to plug the JavaScript into your ASPX page. You’re good to go with almost no code! The only real issue with this is that if your page has to do a postback to validate, the boxes will not persist (and neither will the selected files) – this could be a big annoyance to your users. The upload will not be asynchronous, either. However, this does the trick if you need a quick, easy solution.

Here’s an example to get you started:

<div id="upload">
    <input type="button" onclick="AddBox($('upload'));" value="Add File Box" />