I’ve built far too many robots over the years to list here. You’ll only find the most recent ones on this page.

Want to see all my robots? Click here to download a portfolio of many more robots. Believe it or not, there are still more! Some, however, were never photographed.

Active Robots


lolcat Robot

The latest version of lolcat next to one of my cats, Lily.

  • Weight class: 150g Fairyweight
  • Weapon: Vertical eggbeater (Theoretical 10800 rpm, probably around 8000 in practice)
  • Battery: 180mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 2S 7.4v LiPoly
  • Record: 13-6
  • Awards:
    • 2nd place at Motorama 2011
    • 3rd place at Motorama 2012
    • 1st place at Bot Blast 2012
    • 2nd place at Motorama 2013
  • Improvements over the years:
    • Reduced weapon reduction from 2:1 to 3:2 for Motorama 2012
    • Rebuilt for Bot Blast 2012 (new sides, covers, back, weapon mount) for better radio reception/making all the parts fit inside
    • Used a different kind of battery at every competition trying to find the best one
    • Upgraded to tinyESC v2.1 drive ESCs to make them not burn out
  • Name inspiration: The popular Internet meme “lolcats”. They are really stupid but some of them are very cute, just like fairyweight robots. The name also allows expert Motorama announcer Jon “Anarchy Dude” Durand to make lolcat jokes. That’s just awesome.



Coercion at Motorama 2012. It’s undergone some serious changes since then that I haven’t photographed yet.

  • Weight class: 3lb Beetleweight
  • Weapon: 10oz undercutting steel bar
  • Battery: 1300mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 2S 7.4v LiPoly
  • Record: 8-6, 7KO
  • Awards:
    • Beetleweight Rumble Winner at Bot Blast 2012
    • 2nd place at Motorama 2013
  • Improvements over the years:
    • Added ball bearings to support the weapon instead of just using one big UHMW bushing (which probably caused huge amounts of friction at Motorama 2012)
    • Tightened weapon belt to reduce slipping (a HUGE problem at Motorama 2012)
    • Reduced battery voltage from 11.1v to 7.4v to keep weapon motor cooler
    • Upped battery size from 1Ah to 1.3Ah so it can actually make it through a match
    • As of Summer 2012, the weapon spun up about 3 times as fast as it did at Motorama 2012 (now about 1 second to start, 2.5 seconds to dangerous, 5 seconds all the way, which is fairly respectable given the 3:2 reduction and massive weapon)
    • For Motorama 2013, the a lighter, hardened S7 blade that maintains a fairly high MOI will be used. A larger, speedier weapon motor will be used. The end result will be a weapon that hits harder, better, and more often.
    • New, stronger wheel guards (that hopefully will not shatter) for Motorama 2013.
  • Name inspiration: A really big S7 bar coerces other robots into breaking. Simple enough, right?


Cannon before Motorama 2013.

  • Weight class: 1lb Antweight
  • Weapon: 3oz Titanium Eggbeater
  • Battery: 460mAh Turnigy Nano-Tech 3S 11.1v LiPoly
  • Record: 4-2, 3KO
  • Awards:
    • 2nd place at Motorama 2013
  • Improvements over the years:
    • It needs a rebuild to fix the punishment it received at Motorama!
  • Name inspiration: The robot has an eggbeater weapon. I watched Sean McKeown’s similar antweight robot, Gyroscopic, throw other robots into the air like a cannon at Bot Blast 2012. Hence, I’m building a cannon; the robot’s name is Cannon.


Tough Nut

John with Tough Nut

In the arena powering up 12lb “Tough Nut” before its first fight.

  • Weight class: 12lb Hobbyweight
  • Weapon: Ram plate
  • Battery: 2500mAh 10S 12.0v NiCad
  • Record: 4-2
  • Awards:
    • 3rd Place at Motorama 2012
  • Improvements over the years:
    • Changing the ram plate after Fiasco mangled it
  • Name inspiration: We thought this robot would be tough, so we called it “Tough Nut”. We were underestimating this robot. It stood up to some airtime courtesy of Upchuck and possibly the most intense 30 seconds of my life courtesy of Fiasco and kept on ticking. We were thrilled to take third with our first hobbyweight against some amazing robots.
  • Tough Nut is on hiatus due to my father’s health problems. It will not be retired, but running a hobbyweight and a high-maintenance beetleweight at Motorama 2013 without my dad being able to work very hard all day would be too demanding. Tough Nut will make a recovery someday.




1lb wedge bot Amatol.

  • Weight class: 1lb Antweight
  • Weapon: Front wedge and massive drive power (more than my 3lb beetleweight) – this robot drifts almost every turn.
  • Battery: 700mAh ThunderPower 3S 11.1v LiPoly
  • Record: 4-6
  • Awards:
    • 3rd Place at Franklin Institute Robot Conflict 2011
  • Improvements over the years:
    • Switched from BB 3-9 drive ESCs to an ANT 150 drive ESC (because I needed the BaneBots for my beetleweight and I like the ANT more)
    • “Battle hardening” of drive motors
    • Front ABS sheet on wedge to help get under other robots (it’s gray in the picture)
  • Name inspiration: Amatol is an explosive. Originally, this robot was going to be an undercutter very similar to my beetleweight robot. However, the explosive name suits this robot very well because I kid you not when I say this robot has some serious horsepower. It uses beetleweight drive motors crammed into an antweight. ZOOM!
  • Amatol was retired after two straight poor showings at Motorama 2012 (1-2) and Pennsylvania Bot Blast (1-2). At both events, it suffered from a combination of bad luck and bad wiring. Its replacement is Cannon.

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