I’ll be the first to admit that my dad did my SAT book’s website (; I did nothing but proofread and offer wordsmithing suggestions. As part of the website design process, my dad and I decided that we should do some “AB” testing of website sales copy, meaning that we would display one of two possible websites to our users at random.

My dad complained to me that most of the existing AB testing solutions were either too difficult to use or were far too complex for the simple act of choosing a page to show to a user. I decided to fix that: I wrote a jQuery plugin called SimpleAB that would switch views in and out. And it only switches views in and out.

The premise is simple: add the class “simpleab-#” (where # is a natural number) to all the elements that you wish to switch in and out with SimpleAB. Elements with the same number will be shown together. That way, you can separate the text and structure of your elements of the page and only AB test the parts you want to.

SimpleAB also has some other nice features:

  • You can choose whether or not to “persist” a view. That is, SimpleAB will set a cookie that will cause the user to always see the same view.
  • You can customize the SimpleAB class name, so that if “simpleab-#” doesn’t float your boat, you can use “mycoolwebsite-#” instead!
  • Even if you persist views, the “flip” feature lets you make sure that all your views look beautiful by iterating through the views as you refresh your SimpleAB page.

Want to see more? SimpleAB is MIT licensed! Check it out on my GitHub:

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