Motorama 2013 Day Three

In brief, Coercion wound up beating Dr. Super Brain (its battery died), then fighting and losing to Mondo Bizarro in a close judges’ decision. Its next match was against Grande Tambor, which it beat thanks to Grande Tambor’s drum not functioning properly. In the finals, it fought Mondo Bizarro again, but its blade never got to speed; the weapon motor smoked, I lost a wheel, and I finally tapped out. Second place isn’t bad at all!

I will put up a full event report when I get the chance–I’ll most likely write it this weekend.

I would like to thank NERC for all the hard work to making Moto 2013 as great as it was! I would also like to thank my parents for their continued support and my uncle, Mike Filion, for coming along as my pit crew. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Here’s a victory shot:

It's FAB!

It’s FAB!

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