Cannon’s Almost Done

I’ve run into quite a few problems with Cannon since I last posted, but I have also made a lot of progress. I’ll get you up-to-date:

  • Cannon’s beater (along with Coercion’s new blade) arrived
  • I realized that Cannon was about an ounce overweight. It had to go on a serious crash-diet.
  • The weapon shaft material has been changed from S7 to titanium. I ordered some Ti, cut it, and tried to thread it. Unfortunately, I had a rethreading die instead of a threading die: although it worked with unhardened S7, grade 5 Ti was a different story. I managed to make enough threads to put on lock nuts, and a good die will be arriving soon.
  • I reduced the weapon reduction from 3:2 to 1:1 by making a new weapon pulley.
  • I wired everything up.
  • I made some pockets in the back to reduce weight.
  • Cannon spun up.

All the weight-saving measures have brought Cannon down to weight without forcing me to resort to using the notoriously brittle FingerTech Lite Hubs instead of the good Dave’s Aluminum Hubs I had planned on using. I will have everything put together by the end of the weekend; I will only have to make a few spare parts and thread the ends of the weapon shaft a little more before Motorama (I only have one weekend left!). My next priority will be Coercion, which ought to be manageable enough.

Here’s a video of Cannon spinning up:

This thing is going to be a lot of fun at Motorama! I have always wanted an antweight beater ‘bot.

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