Cannon Build Update

Cannon has been coming along very well. I have spent the majority of my free moments–those not dedicated to studying for midterms or doing projects–getting Cannon together. Team Whyachi finally finished Coercion’s new 9.2oz, hardened S7 blade and Cannon’s 3.0oz titanium beater; I expect to have them here by Monday. The goal is to have Cannon in a place where I can plug in the beater and have a finished robot (but this is combat robotics, so that’s a very lofty goal indeed).

Since I last posted, I cut out the back and drilled the twenty holes that will hold Cannon together. I am using .375″ #6-19 button head plastite screws from McMaster-Carr, which are similar to the mind-bendingly strong ones that we used on Tough Nut last year. So far, everything seems to be holding up pretty well. I did the traditional “throw your frame down the stairs” test, and nothing broke. That means it will be super-strong in the arena, right?

The next steps in the build process will be to cut out and thread the ends of the weapon shaft, fashion a pulley for the weapon motor, drill and thread holes in the pulley I already have for the weapon, and then to get wiring. If I have time before Motorama, I will also harden Cannon’s S7 weapon shaft and Lolcat’s S7 weapon shaft. Lolcat’s bent at Bot Blast, so I do not have high hopes for its toughness against all the horizontal spinners that are registered for Motorama. However, the new motors I bought for it should provide a nice speed boost.

Here’s a front view of Cannon (note that I am waiting on shorter plastite screws from McMaster so not all the screws are in it yet):

It would look so much better with a weapon...

It would look so much better with a weapon…

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