Welcome to Hawgrade.


Hawgrade, short for Hawley Grade, is the codename for an iPad app being developed as an independent study research project by high school student John Parsons. His mentor, social studies teacher Dave Hawley, gave John the idea for the app by informing him that his archaic "semi-automatic grader" program was in serious need of a refresh.

Timeline, Grading and Goal

  • The project will begin at the beginning of Oyster River High School's second semester, January 28, 2013.
  • The project will be a functioning grading app by the end of John's senior year in high school, June 1, 2013.
  • John will continue working on the project after the independent study portion has ended.
  • The project will count for 0.5 credits and is being undertaken as a pass/fail course.
  • The end goal of the project is a product that may be marketed to teachers from Oyster River as well as those from other districts.

Current State

Hawgrade is currently in the very early stages of its construction. If you want, you can make an account right now, though everything is subject to change.